Social Marketing Brands and Risk

social-media-brandingIn today’s technological society, many businesses are finding themselves engaging more and more in social media.  The main reason behind the use of social media is because of the numbers of people that are flinging to social media.  Although social media can be very lucrative for any brand, there are some challenges and risk that every business owner should know before taking their brand social.

It is widely known that social media makes it possible for open communication and enhancing business branding, discovery and delivery.  This can be very challenging to businesses because of the openness of communication on social media, branding can go several ways.  Therefore, those in charge of making sure the brand goes social has to make sure that all communication regarding that brand is positive.  When promoting campaigns and ideas, it allows people from the different geographical location to express and share their views and meet in a single point as well as promoting global products.

Since social media provides such an opportunity to widen business by allowing businesses to brand themselves quicker than before, that could become a challenge.  See, social media can be a fun and creative method for businesses to get involved in.  It allows all employees to discuss and share ideas, ask questions, post news and share links which helps minimize the use of advertising dollars and helps improve the brands reputation.  The challenge comes when one disgruntle employee places negativity on the brand itself.  Once the groundswell is stirred up, it can move so quickly through the internet that it can become quite impossible for the company to recover the brand that easily. This is simply due to the fact that social media is known for attracting attention to any site, product or service.

So if social media is great for businesses, what could possibly be the risks of taking your brand social?  Well, since social media can take one message and make it viral in a matter of minutes, this is probably the most important risk of them all to remember.  The wrong online brand strategy by the company or a negative brand comment by a disgruntled employee or customer can damage the business reputation as well as the brand.

Basically, social media today has become a great marketing field for any business big or small.  Depending on how much marketing a business wants to do can really depend on how big they really need their budget to be.  Bottom line is that as long as the challenges are understood and the risks are avoided, social media can make or break any brand.Brands-and-Social-Media

Social Media Application

Health and Wellness IconEverybody is always concern with their health and wellness.  Globally, the health and wellness industry is one of the industries that have changes constantly.  When it comes to social media within this industry, I would have to say the current state is proactive.  According to Jennifer Lumba of Incentive Magazine, Incentive_Magazine_Coverthe health and wellness industry ranks among the five most aggressive users of social media because the technology has proven effective in engaging clients.

Everyday there are new blogs, articles and social media postings regarding health and wellness.  According to Nielsen, about 46% of netizens (yes, it’s a word, says Merriam-Webster) depend on social media when making decisions on purchases.  This means that about 54% of the population still rely on the traditional methods of media to learn about their health and wellness needs.  Does that mean that the state of social media regarding the health and wellness industry is in trouble?  I don’t think so.  I think it means that this industry is heading in the right direction mainly because there are more and more people reaching out online for information.

The health and wellness industry uses many social media tools.  From WebMD to Twitter to Facebook, there are multiple health and wellness organizations providing useful information to the general public.  Yet, in order to fully gain the masses attention online – there must be things that can be done in order to improve the standings of the health and wellness industry within the social media environment.

Reaching out to those that don’t use the internet by being able to help people visualize their health is a tool that can be used within social media.  By using Instagram and Pinterest, the health and wellness industry can basically put together a photo flip book that explains health awareness but through pictures.  Even though this industry already have many sources available to communicate with people, perhaps increasing how we connect and become more trustworthy would be another tool that we could utilize.  Such as WebMd where they have private consultation areas within their website to help connect professionals with those that have questions.

Through the use of social media and how technology as evolved, both have a great hold on our society.  By utilizing the social mediums made available to us and by creating newer social media tools designed specifically for the health and wellness industry, there will be a greater increase in exposure as well as in people managing their health more effectively.

What is Network Marketing?

What-Is-Network-MarketingWhy are so many people afraid to join a network marketing company?  Is it due to the negative reputation that many before have given this industry.  What is network marketing?  Simply put, network marketing is a marketing method which uses contracted individuals to represent a product or service to the consumer.  Just like the big box companies use Televisions, Radio, Billboards and such to reach their consumers – the same goes for network marketing companies.  Consider each representative/distributor/associate simply as a Television or Radio ad, or a walking billboard.  Many people get involved with such an industry with an attitude of getting rich quick.  This is a bad attitude to have when getting involved with this industry.  Making money is possible, but just like any other job – hard work and customer service skills are required.  You must be able to put the work in with the notion that the income will come one day. Patience is the key ingredient to this industry.

Now, people tend to confuse network marketing with pyramid-selling.  Both are completely different and one is illegal.  Think about a traditional business.  They might have a marketing department and a sales task force.  The marketing department is in charge of getting in front of the people and raising their awareness of the product or service available.  Once the people inquire about the product or service it is up to the sales team to make the actual sale happen.  In network marketing, both departments are merged into one department known as a representative or distributor.  Watch the video from Robert Kiyosaki  regarding the network marketing industry.

For more information regarding what I believe to be the best network marketing companies around today, simply complete the form below and I will send you some information.

Social Media Tools

New-Social-Media-ToolsThere are many tools available for both the computer and our smart devices.  The reason that many companies have emerged and developed these tools is to help make our social media life easier, especially with the many social media platforms that are available for us today.  I decided to do a little research and found an interesting article on the Top 50 Social Media tools available.  Along with that article plus other supporting resources, I am going to provide an overview of tools that I deemed most useful and give a brief comparison.

The first tool that I am going to look at is HootSuite.  This is an awesome social media management tool that helps social media users communicate across the board to all their social media accounts.  I like this tool mainly because it provides me with audience identification tools and reports.  I personally use this tool to manage my twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts.  The great thing about it is that it is free.

Alternatively to HootSuite, is a paid tool that users can get called MarketMe Suite.  This is a tool that is very similar to HootSuite because you can manage all your social media accounts within one application, but this tool also provides geo-targeting and scheduled updates.   I like the scheduled update feature, because if you’re a business owner and you want to update your entire social media accounts at a certain time regarding a sale or special – you can schedule that update and have it done while you are working on something else.  The only thing about this tool is that it is not free; you do have to pay for it.  If you can afford it, I deemed MarketMe Suite more useful, especially if you’re a business owner – but if you’re just a crazy social media user than you could get away with HootSuite.

Although I compared two tools, please be aware that there are many tools out there.  I decided to compare these two tools because of the type of business that I am associate with.  I have a need to a management tool that will allow me to update all my social media accounts within one dashboard.  I currently use HootSuite for that, but when I am able to afford to use MarketMe Suite, believe me, I will be using that tool.  I would love to hear about the tools that you use for your social media platforms, especially from you internet marketers out there.  Let’s learn from each other and teach each other.