Mobile Applications

131404860Within a growing industry, comes the need for mobile social media applications that drives business services or products to consumers or other businesses.  The industry that I am focusing on today is the network/internet marketing industry.  This is an industry that is growing more and more every week, but also relies on the sales of its services or products; thus making the need for these types of applications necessary.

According to a recent study by Flurry, consumers spent 81 minutes per day using mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes of web surfing. Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Social networking is one of two categories that dominate mobile app usage with 32% and games are responsible for 47%.

As a network/internet marketer, social media marketing is something that is widely used; therefore, the need for applications that will help keep up with social networking and stay productive is necessary.  Among social media mobile applications such as facebook, twiiter, flickr and such there is one application that is very useful especially to a network/internet marketer.  That application is called HomeBase.

hbHomeBase is basically a social media “megaphone.” With this application, anyone can blast announcements, updates and even add links and pictures to any messages, to all their social media groups. This application really does take social media marketing to a whole new level.  The only downfall regarding this application is that it is only available for IOS devices.

Network marketing relies on making contact with multiple people in multiple locations. Hence, another mobile application that is very useful in growing this type of business is Bump.  Bump allows you to swap contact information or photos between two phones simply by bumping them together. And the app isn’t limited to Android phones either–it works with iPhones as well.  Armed with this smart and fun little app, a network marketer will no longer have to keep track of paper business cards from conferences or meetings, as they’ll all be available in their address book (and safely synced with the cloud).

circleThere is another application that I am currently learning. The application is called Circle.  This application is a local social networking group.  When you open it up, you get to see friends as well as interesting people near you and in the city that you are in.  Kind of helps you build your social network.

I am sure that there are more applications available for business building, but these are the ones that I found to be very useful.  If you use a mobile application that helps you build your business, please share in the comments below.