socialOver the years, the widely use of social media within any business marketing mix has become as common as pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving time. Nowadays, being responsible for managing an established presence on at least the big three of social media is normal. Any business that wants to survive the Social Media era must have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  

This is even true for local companies in my neck of the woods. Both companies exist in the grocery industry, and utilize social media; but, are they truly taking advantage of what social media can offer them?

lowesLowe’s Supermarkets is a Littlefield, Texas-based company that has been serving families since 1964 (Lowe’s Supermarkets). Since 1964, they have grown to over 140 stores. This is a tremendous growth for the supermarket chain, but how much bigger can they grow if they utilize their social media outlets more. Currently, they manage a Facebook and Twitter account; although, it seems as if they do it spiraling. Their last update to Twitter was on June 6, 2014. They currently have a total of 96 overall tweets and 43 followers. The interesting thing about this was they do tend to update more frequently their Facebook page. They currently have 803 likes on Facebook, which makes you wonder if they would put more engagement into Twitter how many more followers could they gain. Another very interesting observation I made was that they had videos in their Twitter account. Lowe’s could take advantage of social media and create not only a Google+ page but a YouTube page. This would increase their online visibility and move them further along in the utilization of social media to grow their business.

Like Lowe’s Supermarkets, there is another supermarket that is quickly growing at least in my area. Vista Markets/Vista Quality Markets are a chaivistan of grocery stores designed to cater to the tastes of the El Paso community (Vista Markets). This supermarket started in the mid-80’s but have quickly grown into a strong competitor at least in this area. I foresee them expanding within the near future to the bordering states and other cities within Texas. Like their competitor, they don’t do regular updates to their Twitter account. The last update was actually back on May 22. Which makes me question if there is in-house changes going on since before that date there was at least two if not more daily updates. They currently have a total of 1,065 overall tweets and 145 followers. Their Facebook page was updated frequently like their Twitter account, but stopped for some reason on May 22. They currently have 535 likes which seems more about the norm. I think that they could utilize social media more by creating a Google+ page as well and a YouTube channel. This supermarket has the potential and uniqueness to really grow big if they utilize social media the right way.

Both companies can better use social media to differentiate their brand as well as advance their growth and goals. It will be interesting to see if they do change their ways of using Social Media and they grow and change from it.

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