Best Practices for Blogging

blogging-best-practicesSince blogging starting, I have noticed that it went from online journal writing to becoming more of a informational and resourceful guide.  In fact, according to, as blogs have grown in popularity and readership, more and more people are turning to current events-centered blogs for daily news updates.  Therefore, as blogging becomes more of a respectable reading platform, there must be some practices that should be followed when it comes to blogging.

To begin is it okay to write what you think?  The answer is yes, unless you are stating nothing but the facts.  If you’re a news worthy blog that states the news – then it is quite obvious that one’s opinion should be kept to oneself.   Otherwise it is highly encouraged being yourself in blogging and sharing your opinion.  As stated by Jon Lewis, a fellow blogger, readers don’t want to read a boring blog much like an individual does not want to taste bland food. He continues writing that, if you don’t spice your blog with a strong opinion, you risk bland writing and when that happens the reader won’t finish your blog, much less come back for a second helping.

Another great practice that any blogger should put into place is to have a killer headline. blogs that this is one of the fastest and easiest things you can do to grab attention and change the way you think about blogging.  This blogger continues to give ideas about how to create a great headline.  To walk through the grocery store and steal headlines and tweak them to your liking, i.e. How Safe is Your [thing/person of value] from [threat]?  This practice I like very much and it is something that I am not using in my industry that I will begin to put to use.

Lastly, there are two things that I keep seeing pop up in my research.  That is blog promotion and guest-blogging.  Promoting anything is crucial to its success, so it doesn’t surprise me that much to read that promoting your blog is another best practice to do.  How else is anybody going to read your writing, unless you’re taking the term “ghost writer” to a new level?

As for guest-blogging, this is referred to a best practice because it gets that guest blogger readers now reading your blog but it also opens your blogs doors to greater pastures.  This type of blogging should be done if you have a great relationship with an influential person within your industry or a retailer that carries the products you sell.  This type of blogging can be more beneficial and a best practice especially for a business.

Sharing is the best form of gratitude and knowledge building.  Therefore, share below with me what other best practices that should be followed when blogging.  Your feedback is highly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Best Practices for Blogging”

  1. Michael,

    You couldn’t be more right about having a “killer” headline in your blog. This draws the reading in and makes him/her interested in what you will be blogging about. If your Blog was just named as the date August 15th 2013, I would have no idea what your blog was about and I would just skip over it. Also, in regards of the practice you mentioned of guest-blogging, it totally makes sense because it expands your audience. Great blog Michael! And by the way, that picture of you in the About Me section gets me every time!

  2. Great Blog, I like that you went step by step and pointed out the small details such as title that can be over looked by now and old bloggers. Your title is your get way to bring people into read your blog. Thank you for taking the time to post links and helpful hints as to how to not only create a good blog but how to improve a blog that may already exist.

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