Tricking our mind about the food we eat.

brain-foodLet me start this blog off with apologizing for not blogging much this week.  With that said, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he expressed to me that his problem with eating dull food is that it is simply just that – DULL!!!  That got me thinking, is there a way to trick ourselves into thinking that the dull food is sweeter than it is?

Well, according to a research done by the University of Oxford there are some things that we can do to trick our minds into thinking that the food is sweeter than it is.  For example: Eating with fancy silverware might make dessert taste more delicious than if you use a plastic fork.  According to the research the reason behind this is because people who snacked from larger, heavier utensils stated that the added weight made the food taste sweeter.  What?!  Well, if that didn’t get you scratching your head then maybe this one will.  In that same research study, 28% of those that ate cheese samples off of a knife said that the cheese was saltier than the same sample that was on a toothpick.

So what exactly is this all about?  Well as explained by Vanessa Harrar, Ph.D., it’s possible that our past dining experiences have taught our brain to associate certain utensil weights with different flavors.

Interesting research, for sure.  Any thoughts?? Please share below….