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Health and Wellness IconEverybody is always concern with their health and wellness.  Globally, the health and wellness industry is one of the industries that have changes constantly.  When it comes to social media within this industry, I would have to say the current state is proactive.  According to Jennifer Lumba of Incentive Magazine, Incentive_Magazine_Coverthe health and wellness industry ranks among the five most aggressive users of social media because the technology has proven effective in engaging clients.

Everyday there are new blogs, articles and social media postings regarding health and wellness.  According to Nielsen, about 46% of netizens (yes, it’s a word, says Merriam-Webster) depend on social media when making decisions on purchases.  This means that about 54% of the population still rely on the traditional methods of media to learn about their health and wellness needs.  Does that mean that the state of social media regarding the health and wellness industry is in trouble?  I don’t think so.  I think it means that this industry is heading in the right direction mainly because there are more and more people reaching out online for information.

The health and wellness industry uses many social media tools.  From WebMD to Twitter to Facebook, there are multiple health and wellness organizations providing useful information to the general public.  Yet, in order to fully gain the masses attention online – there must be things that can be done in order to improve the standings of the health and wellness industry within the social media environment.

Reaching out to those that don’t use the internet by being able to help people visualize their health is a tool that can be used within social media.  By using Instagram and Pinterest, the health and wellness industry can basically put together a photo flip book that explains health awareness but through pictures.  Even though this industry already have many sources available to communicate with people, perhaps increasing how we connect and become more trustworthy would be another tool that we could utilize.  Such as WebMd where they have private consultation areas within their website to help connect professionals with those that have questions.

Through the use of social media and how technology as evolved, both have a great hold on our society.  By utilizing the social mediums made available to us and by creating newer social media tools designed specifically for the health and wellness industry, there will be a greater increase in exposure as well as in people managing their health more effectively.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Application”

  1. I like to disseminate information that will have accrued with the yr to assist enhance team performance.

  2. The issue with social media and healthcare is that the average person in their free time is not thinking about logging on and keeping up with the latest health updates. So this industry has audience appeal to deal with. Weight loss and dieting are pretty big but ways to cure Strep throat doesn’t cross a person’s mind until your throat is actually hurting.

    Shannon King

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