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New-Social-Media-ToolsThere are many tools available for both the computer and our smart devices.  The reason that many companies have emerged and developed these tools is to help make our social media life easier, especially with the many social media platforms that are available for us today.  I decided to do a little research and found an interesting article on the Top 50 Social Media tools available.  Along with that article plus other supporting resources, I am going to provide an overview of tools that I deemed most useful and give a brief comparison.

The first tool that I am going to look at is HootSuite.  This is an awesome social media management tool that helps social media users communicate across the board to all their social media accounts.  I like this tool mainly because it provides me with audience identification tools and reports.  I personally use this tool to manage my twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts.  The great thing about it is that it is free.

Alternatively to HootSuite, is a paid tool that users can get called MarketMe Suite.  This is a tool that is very similar to HootSuite because you can manage all your social media accounts within one application, but this tool also provides geo-targeting and scheduled updates.   I like the scheduled update feature, because if you’re a business owner and you want to update your entire social media accounts at a certain time regarding a sale or special – you can schedule that update and have it done while you are working on something else.  The only thing about this tool is that it is not free; you do have to pay for it.  If you can afford it, I deemed MarketMe Suite more useful, especially if you’re a business owner – but if you’re just a crazy social media user than you could get away with HootSuite.

Although I compared two tools, please be aware that there are many tools out there.  I decided to compare these two tools because of the type of business that I am associate with.  I have a need to a management tool that will allow me to update all my social media accounts within one dashboard.  I currently use HootSuite for that, but when I am able to afford to use MarketMe Suite, believe me, I will be using that tool.  I would love to hear about the tools that you use for your social media platforms, especially from you internet marketers out there.  Let’s learn from each other and teach each other.

6 thoughts on “Social Media Tools”

  1. Your post was informative in that I have not yet heard of the tool MarketMe and I will have to check it out. Now as far as Hootsuite I am familiar with this tool and I think it is a wonderful alternative to expensive media account systems like Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. And it also is a great solution for business owners as well.

    Hootsuite has a three tier user plan. The plans are outlined as:

    Free: Allows for the management of 5 social media profiles, 0 additional team members, Basic Analytic Reports, Message Scheduling, Unlimited Apps, and 2 RSS feeds.

    PRO ($8.99): Allows for 50 social media profiles, 1 additional user profile, 1 enhanced analytic report, Advanced Message Scheduling, option for Hootsuite University, unlimited apps and RSS feeds

    Enterprise: Unlimited Social Profiles, 5-500,000 + team members, enhanced analytics, advanced security, compliance integrations, geo targeting, Tier 1 Enterprise support, Hootsuite University, and professional services


    1. Wow! I was not aware that Hootsuite offered that much more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the topic. I learn a little more each day. Much appreciated!

  2. Marketme Suite of tools is an awesome social media app for almost any business. I’ve always been a Hootsuite person myself I fell in love with their scheduling tool. You’ve got an informative blog, I like it.

  3. Thanks for your post. After reading your first blog, I got some information from your post. I never used HootSuite tool and even don’t know it’s free. Otherwise, I can manage my social network accounts by this tool. That’s cool. I will sign up and use this tool. HootSuite is free and it can fix the big issue in the social media area. For social media the money is a big issue, I can learn it through this week discussion. Anyway, thank you again for sharing the article.

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