Social Media and Technology

social-media-2It is said the technology has enable social interaction and created new communities.   It is my opinion that since technology has made interaction with people all over the world easier, many people have become involved in an abundant number of relationships through technology; but sometimes the quantity of these associations leaves people feeling somewhat empty.   Social media has really had a big hand in shaping technology.

Think about your smart phone, if you have one.  If not, ask someone near you if you could look at theirs.  A smart phone nowadays provides many features.   Such features would be a great megapixel camera and an HD video camera.  Recently, I attended my daughter’s high school graduation and I could literally count the number of people around me that were using a hand held camera.  Everyone else was using their smart phone device or tablet.

Another feature the smart phone provides is the overwhelming access to thousands of applications.  With a click of button, I can literally post a status update to all my social media feeds.  I can provide picture updates to all of my followers with a one step process.  Social media really had a big hand in shaping how we use our phone.

As a business owner, I love how social media has really taken technology by the hand and guided it towards my way.  I am able to post to craigslist, EBay, twitter, Facebook and turn around and write a blog all with my smart phone or tablet.  Technology really has shaped how social interaction now functions.  What do you think?